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Texas History Advisory Warning to Hispanic Mexican Tejano Parents and all other interested citizens

As published in the San Antonio Express-News. Sunday, April18,2004

The 3,000 Freedom Fighters who died fighting against the dictator Santa Anna are by any sense heroes. However, only 20 percent of these heroes, including those who fell at the Alamo, were Texans. The rest were Mexicans who were killed in battle against Santa Anna in Mexico lighting at the same time and for the very same reason as the Texas Freedom Fighters who sought to obtain the rule of law, instead of the rule of a dictator like Santa Anna. Just before Santa Anna's march to put down the Freedom. Fighters in Texas, Santa Anna fought and killed 2,000 Freedom Fighters in Zacatecas, Mexico. Another, 1,000 Freedom Fighters were killed by his forces in the Yucatan of Mexico and in dozens of other Mexican cities. Just before the Texas campaign, Santa Anna lost or had to leave behind to control these.' rebel areas thousands of his soldiers. This added to his substantial troop loss in his Alamo victory, all contributed to weaken his force at San Jacinto. What difference would an additional 3,000 to 4,00O soldiers have made against Houston's army in the all or nothing battle at San Jacinto?

To teach to our Texas children that the Alamo was Anglo versus Mexican, which was based on the fact that a majority of the defenders were Anglo, is a distortion. For every Anglo who heroically died fighting Santa Anna, there were five Mexicans who also died heroes.

1n truth. is it not more inspirational that Mexicans and Anglos fought with common cause against the . tyranny of this dictator? Doesn't such an omission of the natural truth about the Mexican Freedom ' ;Fighters disrespect also these brave heroes of the Alamo? Should we not ask for God's blessing of ally race of Freedom Fighter against any dictator. whether they fall in Mexico, Texas, or Iraq? 1s the bloodshed of whatever race in this greatest class of hero, that is those who fight for the freedom of others, not the noblest hero wherever they fall?

Why the anti-Mexican attitude?

Some facts for your consideration are that pro slavery elements in the Texas Republic needed to eliminate the Mexican rule of law because:

  • Mexico had outlawed slavery in 1826.
  • Under Mexican law, a Texas slave could change owners if a new owner paid the old owner no more than a slave's original purchase price, whether the old owner wanted to sell or not, making the slave into an indentured servant.
  • Mexican law provided for slave schools making slave owners responsible for their slave's education.
  • After a Texas slave owner died, 1/10th of their slaves were set free by Mexican law.

These differences from U.S. southern slave laws were a discouragement for the southern born Texan who saw the rich soil of Texas and the situation of slavery to be their path to riches by big agriculture's approach to cotton being combined with slave labor which only could become workable without the presence of Mexican law. Thus, Mexico, its Constitution of 1824, and Mexican landowners had to be vilified, including the Mexican Freedom Fighters who died fighting Santa Anna in the same campaign as the Alamo.

Indeed, the men who died at the Alamo were absolute heroes, but so were the other 3,000 who died in Mexico. You cannot cheapen the sacrifice of one group of Freedom Fighters without cheapening the sacrifice of the other. Texans should of course promote motion pictures in Texas, but not at the self image cost to the Hispanic children of Texas, and especially if that cost is bused upon omission or a lie about these historical facts. The ;god Anglos who were victorious over the bald Mexicans is just not the actual facts of history.

Hispanic parents or any other parent should cut this article out and see if your children's school teachers will not discuss these and any other actual facts or aspects surrounding the Alamo.

May God bless all Freedom Fighters everywhere and may we always remember their sacrifices.

Charles L. Rogers, M.D.
Chief of the Cherokee Nation of Mexico, Texas, and Coahuila

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