Sequoyah -- The Wasi, The Second Moses Of The Cherokee People

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Early Cherokee priest house, built of all natural materials without a nail, or screw. 37 feet tall, 30 foot in diameter, built in four days, the elders, with priest Rogers, blessed and greeted over 8000 people in three days, to be in the middle of the wilderness and not to feel lost is the power of sharing a common belief that we are brothers and sisters all.

By the late 1830s, Sequoyah had decided that it would be impossible for his people not to degenerate into a people who did not know the Great Spirit, Yo hee wah, their legacy, nor the blessings of choosing the white path of the Ani u we yah, the principal people. Sequoyah wrote a letter to his people which said "Come to me and live in the freedom of Mexico." (which was then Texas and Mexico). Thus was launched the US military investigation of the most famous Native American who had ever lived. Sequoyah had left the United States to find the lost Cherokees (Cha La'n Gee 600BC): those who spoke the Cherokee language with and "R", who knew the ancient religious language of the principled people who had come from the salt water bringing the word of the One God YO HE WAAH (YHWH), long before 950 BC, and his teachings. These lost Cherokee had gone to the Valley of the Mountains of the Moon and the first American site of the church of the principle people, which was called Ka tu wah; they were seekers of religious and personal freedom who had left in a mass exodus, amounting to twenty-five percent of all Cherokee people, in 1720. Sequoyah secured permission from the government of Mexico to have the Cherokee people he was leading secure a place to live in freedom. Upon hearing that he most famous Native American was encouraging other Native Americans of all tribes to join him in a foreign land, the governments of the United States and Texas sent agents to bring him back, forcibly if necessary. Sequoyah was the first Cherokee leader to be kidnapped from Mexico for trying to free his people; he escaped in the Rio Grande River. Returning to Mexico, he died shortly after reaching his people. Many years later, in the time of the 1890s, the US government chose the name of Sequoyah as the name for the state where the captured Cherokees had been forced to live; it was not only these Cherokees of the Indian Territory but all Cherokees to whom Sequoyah wrote and encouraged to leave captivity and to live as a free human creation of God. The US government heard the story of Sequoyah, the Moses of the Cherokee, who died trying to lead his people to freedom. For fear of Native Americans following in Sequoyah's footsteps to freedom, they immediately changed the name of new state of Sequoyah to the State of Oklahoma.

Priest Charles Jah- tlo- hi "Kingfisher" Rogers, Cherokee Visionary
Following in the Footsteps of Sequoyah

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Next to Cherokee Priest Rogers is the modern Cherokee priest house, it like the ancient priest house is seven sided. It is 57 feet high, and is designed to be cool even without electricity, and has an R rating of 74, yet each wall ceiling and floor is solid concrete, with steel reinforcement, vertical and horizontal, every 16 inches. The priest house is designed to last at the very least, 700 years. It has camping ground for the ceremonial days, and an incredible clear Creek with a 30 foot cascade falling into a natural pool, as this is the home of the ancient Cherokee church of one God, for we have evolved, from a small chapel in the wilderness, to a structure which will serve us, and our grandchildren for a long time, through those times good and bad as, this National Priest House is to house our sacred documents and artifacts.

Dr. Rogers was the second "Doctor Cherokee" to become well-known in Mexico. The first was Dr. Long, who was to become famous in Mexico; he came with a group of Cherokees asking for political asylum resulting from the eviction and massacre of the Cherokee from their land in the eastern part of Texas. The asylum was of course granted by Mexico to he and his group, who survived execution by the Texas military, who had orders for them to be "shot on sight" throughout Texas and Mexico. That land in eastern Texas was granted to the Cherokee by the same granting method under the same Mexican authority as that which was given to the Anglo colonists. However, the Cherokee land grant was declared invalid two months after the successful defeat of Santa Anna by the joint efforts of the new Texas-Anglo based government and the thousands of Mexicans who also died fighting Santa Anna. (This fact is always overlooked in the Texas schoolbooks. Seventeen Mexican states rebelled against Santa Anna that same year; there were seven Mexicans killed in the fighting against Santa Anna for every Anglo who lost his life fighting this same enemy of freedom.) The Texas Cherokees had signed a treaty with Sam Houston saying that if they stayed neutral and did not help Santa Anna, they would be allowed to keep the land that the Mexicans had granted them. That turned out to be not within Sam Houston's power at that time, as he was recovering from his battle wounds and was out of the country. Mirabeau Lamar was the then president of Texas; he came from Georgia, where he wrote the Indian Removal Act of 1828, which was later to become the legal basis for forced removal of the Cherokees and the tragedy, the trail of tears. He commanded his troops to use deadly force in the removal of the Cherokees, who only asked for time to gather food for their journey. They were denied that necessity for the survival of their children. One hundred of the Cherokee men were killed.

One hundred and sixty-four years later, Chief Charles Jah tlo he Rogers had completed negotiations with the same state government of the same area of Mexico which Sequoyah had chosen, by his own free will, to live and die. Chief Rogers had secured the Mexican state government's approval to allow the purchase of 600 acres of land with a cold spring that supplied enough white water to raise trout, and an island in the adjacent river for the raising of corn and gardens, and all the water we could use for our Cherokee Village; they agreed that our city would be autonomous. Fourteen days later, Chief Rogers was kidnapped and injured in the fight; there were three men, all with guns. Chief Rogers soon escaped, as had Sequoyah; Chief Rogers was injured, as had been Sequoyah; but because Chief Rogers was 30 years younger than the great Sequoyah, he survived and has ever since then been on the same quest as Sequoyah--to recover all things spiritual and cultural that were our property. For, make no mistake: it is our fault that we allowed foreign cultures and religions of fear, control, and racial and cultural divisiveness to replace those parts of our culture that are superior to any other, and to allow their Pharisees to come among us and cause our children to turn their backs on Yo hee wah the God of love and kindness, the God who created this earth for people, and replace him with a mean and vengeful war-loving God that punishes the ignorance of people with hell and damnation and can only be worshipped in a place where the gatekeeper must be paid for a person to visit. No Cherokee can be a principal person who allows any other person to come between them and their God Yo hee wah.

The Pilgramage Of Sequoyah To Find The People Of The Ancient Cherokee Church Of One God

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The Great Sequoya, was a great educator, for it was he alone who created a syllabary, that allowed his people to become literate within a year. The original syllabary was changed so that, existing print types, could be substituted and used in a printing press, these original characters of the syllabary, that Sequoya would collect off of pottery pieces and ancient religious stone artifacts, are linked to the early Cherokee religion, in that they are also found, and the writings of the people who came, from the saltwater from the East.

Sequoyah's exodus was to find the beginnings of the ancient Cherokee Church of One God. He had become world-famous for being the only person in human history who had invented a type of syllabary--using one symbol for several letters, reflecting syllable sounds. That enabled any Cherokee person to very quickly learn how to write and read in their language, taking only a matter of a few months to achieve what was considered impossible by the educated of the world that time: that Native Americans could without help evolve and create literacy. Sequoyah, who had been born in Tennessee, was living, after the trail of tears, in Oklahoma- far from where he was born, and far from the area where those Cherokees had lived who had spoken the ancient Hebrew in their religion. Those ancient Cherokees had mysteriously disappeared; altogether, all 5,000 Cherokees left, taking with them the secrets of what had made the Cherokee people so great, what had made them an American power in earlier times. Sequoyah had heard the stories of the old ones, of elders telling of a priest war in which the Anikutani (you of the gates of peace, we follow), the priest families, had been almost completely extinguished. After having been in the position of the highest power for almost 2,000 years, some of these priests had forgotten the teachings of Yo hee wah, (the oldest written or spoken name for the one God of Creation), and these priests had abused their position of power. Because of this abuse of power, the vast majority of those priests were assassinated or expelled. Then, in the middle and northern areas, new religions began to be introduced-- religions with many gods, usually in animal form, which had come in with new immigrants. These new religions embraced magic in which they believed and involved in every level of their religions and in their life styles. This uprising against the Cherokee priests did not take place in the South Carolina, Georgia and most of Tennessee areas, where the Cherokees spoke the ancient Hebrew Cherokee words that had an R in them.

Sequoyah had a lifetime pension and a house provided, with land and a salt spring which brought him additional money. But he had spent a lifetime seeing many of the ancient Cherokee artifacts and hearing the ancient stories retold by the elders who still practiced this early religion which came directly from God. They told that the ancestors of the Cherokee had been the first people chosen to hear this first word of God, directly from God, who had told them that he was the Yo hee wah, the One God who had created all things. This direct contact took place before God had revealed his presence to human beings, yet they knew of God's presence, as did all other forms of living things. God's presence was even perceived by the plants, as they were a part of creation itself; in fact, all of life knew of God's presence by the evidence of the miracles of creation with its sun, moon, and stars, and the miracle of almost uncountable life. Sequoyah was eager to find those Cherokee who had the ability to know what was desired by Yo hee wah of the way human beings should live their life, the way that would be correct in the eyes and heart of Yo hee wah, the one God of creation.

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This is a photo of the ambassadors, who journeyed to Saltillo Coahuila Mexico in 2000, and renewed the very old relationship, as the Cherokees have been recognized in Mexico since 1821, the church in the background is a European type church and arrived in Mexico, in the 1500s, this is 2000 years later, then we received the word of Yo hee wah, the one God who created all things.

So Sequoyah decided to leave the United States to go back to the Cherokees who called themselves the principal people; his plan was to follow the group of the Cherokees who practiced the teachings of this most ancient religion of the One God. Sequoyah was determined to find their first home in the Americas. He had heard of this place in the ancient stories; he knew that it was in a valley that was located up high, in the valley of the mountains of the moon, and that this valley was named for the people, the Cha la'n gee, (which in english is Laman,and in ancient Hebrew is Lam an',Meaning a Shepard of god,Originally the principle people were Identified as being of the followers of La'n, as being the Cha La'n Gee, after His family and it teachings ,they had received from the the one God of all Things, YO HE WAH,and had been passed down from Cha La'n Gee to Cha La'n Gee, priest The principle people, became to outsiders, as Cha Ra Gee, meaning the people who are Sheppard,by God.the "Ra " was documented in the early colonial days."), who ruled this mountain valley, which was an Alpine rain forest. It was the Cha la'n gee who called themselves the principal people, which also means the chosen people, and who had brought the word of God to all of the Native Americans from across the big water, from the land where Yo hee wah the One God first spoke to people. Cherokees, or any other person who chooses to follow the teachings of the one God, knew that it was taught to and expected of that person to go to water daily to be clean, and to thank the one God who created all things for the gift of water which is the gift of life. Sequoyah had heard the ancient stories of the first church of the One God, in this land of the Americas which was called Ka tu wa, and it was up on the mountain above this high valley where, when the Cha la'n gee went to water, the springs, creeks and rivers of this valley were not too hot nor too cold. These ancient Cherokee made their homes and churches in the protective caves of the high valley, which was a practice of the principal people, or the chosen people, in the most ancient of their times, especially in times of danger or transition to a new unknown land. The protective caves of the high valley were plentiful, as was the abundance of clean ama (water). Thus, Sequoyah set out to be back with the people of the Valley of the Mountains of the Moon, the people from whom he had originally descended. Sequoyah then left his forced residence in the Indian territory of Oklahoma, living in the zone of the Cherokee Immigrant Council, and went looking for his lost Cherokee, who had chosen over 100 years earlier to leave the United States and go back to this first homeland in the Americas

Sequoyah knew that earlier, in 1720, there had been an exodus of twenty-five percent of the Cherokee tribe that practiced the teachings of the ancient Cherokee Church of One God. These ancient principle people of the God of Yo hee wah together left South Carolina and Georgia in one group, approximately 5,000 persons. These were the R speakers of the Cherokee language, speakers of the language that had words with the R sound. These Cherokees were the faithful of the ancient Cherokee religion of One God, who they knew as Yo hee wah, and it was these Cherokees whose language contained the R sound necessary when pronouncing Hebrew words, as Hebrew is the language of the first five books of the Hebrew and Christian Bible. These principal or chosen people were the people who practiced the ancient Cherokee religion of the One God, Yo hee wah, the God of Creation, as they were what had survived from a lost tribe of Israel, that had come to the Americas in the exodus of 600 BC. The 1720 exodus of Cherokee principal people excluded many families who had elders, who could not travel, and who did not want to split up their families, so many of the principal people stayed where they were.

After the 1720 exodus, an Englishman named Adair was to write about studying the Cherokee for over 30 years; he witnessed, as he lived among the Cherokee, these religious practices and he wrote hundreds of pages listing the Hebrew words and their usage in worship and in the Cherokee culture. After decades of observation, he published his work. Even though thousands of principal people who practiced this ancient religion had already left for their homeland before Adair, he witnessed hundreds and hundreds of Cherokee men and women worshiping with the guidance of a priest in the Hebrew language which called the God of Creation "Yo hee wah". This word is the original word of the Hebrew God of Creation; the modern word used within the Jewish faith is Yo he vah, but in the ancient Hebrew of 600 BC, it was the same for the ancient Jewish religion as that which Cherokees used in the 1600s through 1825. That same word for God was Yo hee wah, the original and oldest name for the God of Creation.

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Pictured is" The prophecy child" Charles Rogers, with a welcoming committee while waiting, for the Governors of seven different states, to arrive.

The Cherokees' only migration legend is that we came from the East to the West, to the Americas, because we had decided to reject anything which was not true from what we had chosen to worship. Such rejection of things untrue was necessary in order to preserve the truth of the ancient religion of the one God Yo hee wah, the God of Creation. In order to protect our religion, we would have to leave the land of our birth, where Yo hee wah had given our ancestors their first instructions and teachings. Later, our home in the Holy Land was invaded by a foreign people with intolerable superstitions, causing our ancestors to exodus to find a safer homeland. We began to travel by land to the West; we traveled a great distance (in order to understand what is meant by a great distance, one should know that it was not unusual for Cherokee young men to walk 800 to 1,000 miles in a couple of years, as a form of education. So, in the migration myth a long, great distance is thousands of miles). Then, the myth continues, we traveled for a long time until we came to the big waters of the body of the long man (ocean); we built rafts and launched out onto the great waters, for God's Great Spirit Yo was upon these waters and told our souls that this was the good direction, and that the currents of the long man would take us to our new home. The spirit of Yo hee wah spoke to us, and even though fearful, as we had no human knowledge of what dangers lay ahead, we were brave enough to go into the unknown because we had faith enough because we had the knowledge of and from the Great Spirit of Yo hee wah. At last the currents of the long man brought us to an island in the South which was unoccupied; he gave us this refuge and the safety to learn how to sustain ourselves in this new world.

In time, a war-loving tribe of Native American people came to the island in boats fashioned from large trees that had been hollowed out on the top side. These people who moved through the water swiftly came onto the island and tried to drive us out, without boats or food to be taken with us. As that would destroy our people, we refused and they attacked us; both peoples fought to a standstill. Then the lost tribe of Israel made boats and picked fruit and prepared to leave the island and continue on our exodus to the West where the sun sets. Soon we came to the mainland, in that part of the country which is now called Panama, and landed where the two sides of the body of the long man (oceans) are the closest together. It was there that the lost tribe came in contact with Native Americans who were very civilized.

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Priest Charles Jah lo hi, Rogers greets, the church members as they gather to sing at the Hot Springs, were Sequoya would come every day to heal himself, as he suffered from tuberculosis, to hear the morning song, sung in the cold crisp air with steam rising in all directions, is a rich experience.

The chosen people were led by a family of priests raised and educated to organize and lead them; the patriarchial leader, named Levi, forbade inter-marriage between his people and the Native Americans. At first, his oldest son La'n was in agreement with his father, but La'n was spoken to by the spirit of Yo hee wah, which spoke to La'n's soul. He therefore instantly knew and believed that it was God's will and thus righteous for his people to bring and teach the word of the one God Yo hee wah who created all things to the multitudes of the Native American people. But Levi and his youngest son Nephi, which means a cleansing of people, cursed by God ( Maccabees 1:36 "And Neemias called this thing Naphthar, which is as much as to say, a cleansing: but many men call it Nephi, "The divider of God's children",." He was adamant in his racism,as was his father levi, even unto war,to cleanse his people, of those native Americans, who he judged were marked by God, with a darker skin color,as a punishment) disagreed, saying that the difference in the color of the skin of the Native Americans showed that they were being punished for their sins or the sins of their ancestors, which would mean that God had made people without souls. La'n knew in his heart that this was wrong. His father and brother's pronouncement of God's judgement of the Native Americans would be degrading the Native Americans to an animal state, and as La'n knew from the revelation he had received from the Great Spirit of Yo hee wah, there was no such human on earth. The tribe of La'n became as one people with the Native Americans and their choice to receive the word of God as a basis of how to conduct their lives brought great joy and spiritual gifts of priceless value to all. They became one people--the Ani u wi yah, the principal people of Yo hee wah--and such became so, that the people of this tribe of La'n began multiplying.

Nephi, "The divider of God's children",, the youngest brother of La'n, had become the head of his tribe after the death of his father Levi. Both Levi and Nephi, "The divider of God's children", would not allow Native American people into their tribe because they believed that because the Native Americans' skin was a color that was different, it was an indication of God's negative judgement in their creation; they felt that God had marked these people with a different color as a punishment. In spite of the ancient presence of this human poison in which one race has hatred for another, a poison that taints not only the mind of the possesser of this idea but results in the slandered person reacting to this hatred in kind, by developing hatred for those persons slandering their creation as inferior. For a while, there was peace and cooperation between the two tribes. Some of Nephi, "The divider of God's children",'s people would join La'n's people and vice a versa, as they were free to choose and so do. But the ancient human poison of telling someone that God is punishing someone because they look different from the person spreading those poisonous thoughts kept infecting Nephi, "The divider of God's children",'s tribe and they kept saying that lie over and over, until the presence as neighbors of these darker color humans could no longer be tolerated by the lighter tribe. The people of La'n were called by the people of Nephi, "The divider of God's children", to be "La'nites".

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The high priest, of the Cherokee church of one God and the Bishop(Catholic) of Mexico discuss, how interesting he finds the Cherokees, because of their belief in one God he was unaware, and very heartened of our earlier connection, to the word, of the one God

This lost tribe of Israel had come from Judea and Israel, which was collapsing to the invaders just as they began their first exodus as a lost tribe. Refuge was sought by all of the tribes of Israel after the final successful invasion of foreign armies who did not believe in the one God of Creation. Because they were a minority of soldiers against the larger, superior armies, the lost tribe's main defense was to go up high into the mountains and live and worship in the caves and walk with vigilance the high ledges. When attacked, in defense they would fight from the tops of those mountains by raining down stones and arrows upon those who would come from below to destroy them for their belief in One God. This was their ancient way of using the caves for shelter and tabernacle and the ridges for defense, and they did not change this when they came to the New World. So it was in what is now called the Valley of the Mountains of the Moon, which in the Guaymi Native American language (these are the Native Americans whose kingdom ran from the middle of Mexico on the Pacific coast to what we call Bolivia today) is Caraqui, which means Cherokee in Spanish. (The word in Panama today has changed to "Chiriqui"; Chiriqui is the second largest province in Panama, whose capital city is David.) The Guaymi language also has the word katuwah, which is their word for church; they have the word koin, pronounced Cohen, which has three separate meanings in their language, one of which is heaven, the second of which is sacred food, and the third of which is a religious person. This is the very same in the Hebrew language. The valley of the mountains of the moon, Caraqui, is the land of the Ani u wi yah, (the principal people); Ani u wi yah has the same meaning as "the chosen people" for, if you believe you were created by God, it follows that you therefore were chosen by your Creator. As a person cannot choose themselves, as they did not create themselves originally, the choice is not that of any human, as humans simply continue human lives from the creation.

The Eastern neighbors of the Cherokee were the Choctaw people and they called the Cherokees the name "Cha la'n gee" which to them meant people of the high valley, ridges and caves. In time, the Choctaws were to receive the word of God from these principal people who they called the Cha la'n gee. Although that name is found in both the Choctaw and the Guaymi language, that is not what the principal people called themselves, but what the principal people had become in their joining with this lost tribe of Israel. For example, "Cha la'n gee" is a word of the tribe of La'n and was simply used by themselves to tell other Native Americans who they were as to where and how they lived religiously.Their neighbors simply learned this word of Cherokee self-description from the tribe of La'n, and so the neighbors, the Choctaw and the Guaymi tribes, used the same word when describing this Cherokee tribe to other tribes as "Cha la'n gee", the origin of which was a self-description as to the who, where and how they live religiously. The first syllable is cha, which is found in Hebrew as meaning the week of Passover--chamat cha--which is pronounced from right to left. See that the syllable Cha is used twice in the Hebrew correct phrase for a religious week.

The Mayans were directly to the north of the Cha la'n gee; many of these Mayan people converted to the religion of One God which they learned from the Cherokee people. These Mayans had a religious ceremony which was called Cha cha ac, which they said meant a tabernacle in the high cavity of the rocks (meaning a cave); so the first sound of "Cha la'n gee", cha means a religious place in a cave up high. The second syllable is la, and it is from the name La'n; the Native American principal people who merged with the chosen Hebrew people did not, in their language before the coming of this lost tribe of Israel, utilize the letter M, yet the Hebrew does use M, and the Hebrew did not utilize the vowel at the end of the word La'n, as the "a" was there to separate the M from the N, and the vowel was silent. So what was left was La, meaning that they were the people of La'n, who are often called La'nites. The word La'n in Hebrew comes from Lam meaning "a shepherd", with the silent "a" vowel next and the "n" meaning from God. The last syllable in "Cha la'n gee" is gee which means in Hebrew "a valley", as it does in the Guaymi language and as it does in the Choctaw language, describing people from the mountain valleys with the ridges and caves. This also has the exact same meaning in the Guaymi language as the word "caraqui", which is a Spanish word written in the 1500's to describe what the Guaymi were saying-- a word that Spanish could not recreate, sound for sound, so the closest they could come to "Cha la'n gee" was "caraqui". Whether it's the Spanish "qui" pronounced "key" or the Hebrew and Cherokee "gee" pronounced "gee", it means valley. In the Guaymi language it also means the Valley of the Mountains of the Moon, and is in the Panamanian present-day province of Chiriqui ("Caraqui"), which has a bay and a volcano, and a river of the same Caraqui name.

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Cherokees have the gift from God of complete free will, and how they express themselves, is how we want them to be also.

According to the Cherokee migration myth, after we fought the followers of Nephi, "The divider of God's children",, where we were victorious but somehow felt as if we on both sides had lost the battle, we went to the north in exodus once again to find the peace of Ka tu wah, meaning "the word of God spoken by a priest, which came down from on high". In our northern exodus, we interacted along the way with most of the other tribes and many converts were made within these tribes, and to this day dozens of Native American tribes have many of the actual words of the ancient Hebrew God of Creation within their vocabularies in their God-given choice to become the chosen people also. For to be chosen as a principal person, you must choose God first, as God has already chosen all of his human creations. What more choosing do we need? In this interaction with other tribes, we brought our religion to them only if they wished to hear the word of the one God of Creation. The Choctaw tribe, which had forty percent of the amount of Hebrew that the Cha la'n gee had at the same time in the 1700s, were solid practitioners of the Ancient Church of the One God. The Maya to this day still build a tabernacle for Cha cha ac, which coincides to the Hebrew observance of Passover, in the cavity of the rocks and many worship the One God of Creation, even though they have chosen to have other deities within their original religion. But it does show the Cha la'n gee impact and influence by contact with and to a very intelligent people.

The "Ani u wi yah" (principal people) worshipped and lived in the caves and ridges of the valleys of the high mountains and believed in the teachings brought to them by La'n, whose name meant the "Shepherd of God". He was the priest descendent from the first priest chosen by Yo hee wah, his father Levi, the high priest and the leader who brought the first name of God, "Yo hee wah", with its Levite priesthood to the people of the Americas. It was La'n who wholeheartedly accepted the red people as the children of the One God of Creation, as they saw them the same as they saw themselves, without differences. They intermarried, knowing that they were all the same creation of the One God of Creation.

Below is a body of evidence that James Adair witnessed and documented in his hand- written manuscript which he later, in 1775, printed in his book: James Adair was aware of the respect given by the Native American to the set-apart name of Yo hee wah, which they used for prayer or religious song, but he said that it was also used in day to day conversation by the Cherokee, as well as the Choctaw and many other Native American tribes.

Adair observed that the Native Americans did practice the Hebrew religion. James Adair and Mr. Cotton Mather of Boston both wrote extraordinary letters to Europe informing the Royal Society in London, England of the existence in America of a tribe of Indians which "performed circumcision." Mr. Adair declared in his letter to King George of England, that "the Jewish situation of them not having a homeland can be solved, as there are Jewish Indians who I believe to be a lost tribe of Israel living in the mountains here. Israel should be established here."

The various Cherokee nations honor the seventh day of each week. Four and seven are sacred numbers to Cherokees (the fourth commandment brought by Moses sanctifies the seventh day.

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26 hours before the actual festivities began, we at 7 AM in the morning are receiving riders, who are seeking the blessings of Cherokee friendship, for their today ride, through the desert.

They designed their priest houses for worship so that "their backs are to the east, and faces to the west". This is modeled after "the Jerusalem Copy".

"They do not pay the least perceivable adoration to any images or dead persons; neither to the celestial luminaries, nor evil spirits, nor any created being whatsoever. They are utter strangers to all the gestures practiced by the pagans in their religious rites."

"It is plain that where the Indians have not been corrupted by foreigners, their customs and religious worship are nearly alike; and also that every different tribe, or nation of Indians uses such divine proper names as awesome sounds, such as Yah-Wah-He-to-vah being transpositions of the divine essential name, as the northern Indians often repeat in their religious songs with dances.

The sound of Yah-wah jarred in the ear of Adair's friend Laudon; he called it Java, in resemblance to the Syriac and Greek method of expressing the tetragrammaton, which Galatinus imposed upon us, calling it Jehowah, as opposed to the original importation of Yohewah."

Many Cherokees still call their Creator "Yo wa", omitting the" he" or the core, being God, but continuing to personally use that name. That name, in ancient Cherokee times, was permitted to be said without that person having the station of a priest who could say Yo hee wah, whereas the parishioner was restricted out of respect to use Yo wa, which is Yo the spirit of the soul of God and Wa the love or way of God. An English phrase that might best describe the Cherokee phrase (as it not a word) is "soul and heart".

"The Germans among them (merchant traders), frequently say "Yah-yah" as an affirmative; they call them Yah-yah Algeh- those of the blasphemous speech", which strongly hints to us that they still retained a glimpse of the third moral command delivered at Sinai."

They "observed a weekly Sabbath" which is the same day which the Jewish religion observed.

They "observed a year of Jubilee."

They spoke and sang the phrase "Ha le lu yah" in their religious prayer songs while in dance.

When they went to war they always carried their "sacred ark" with them. They rejoiced "at the appearance of the new moon."

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Cherokees are always about family, and you can't have too many brothers or sisters aunts or uncles or grandparents.

In the last 2,600 years, those of the lost tribe of Israel who were commanded by Levi have been divided by the same thing which divided Levi from his son La'n--the oldest cause of human misunderstanding, which is the fear of that of which we do not have knowledge and therefore do not understand. This is a unique form of ignorance which triggers or develops human survival instincts and fears-- a vicious cycle that continues to prevent us from knowing enough about the very nature of the thing of which we have become frightened. Thus, the motive of God in the creation of something frightening to us, without an opportunity to understand the wisdom of God's creation, instills fear. But the creation motive of God is that of love and kindness. Ignorance of God's motive will always produce, out of fear, the most negative human assumptions about the differences in human beings because of a lack of knowledge as to actually why the differences exist. These differences are literally physically necessary for the survival of past and future generations of all of people. The amount of the lack of knowledge will always be equal to the amount of incorrect and harmful assumptions made by those people who see others as different from themselves, as being inferior, which always escalates into the basic fear of an enemy or predator.This way of thinking not only destructively and negatively decreases the value of the other, different person, but, more dangerously, this same assumption always brings those who fear the parent lie of a most destructive behavior--that of believing in their own superiority. By embracing this false assumption while choosing not to love their neighbor as themselves, which means that they are also choosing not to love God with all their heart, soul, and mind, they have become separated from or out of harmony with God and all things good. Once you allow your mind to learn the knowledge of why humans are created with some differences, and why we are created with the ability to change those differences as the earth changes, you will learn to embrace these differences. When you have chosen to seek knowledge about God's creation, you have the choice of changing for the better, in harmony with God, or changing for the worse, out of harmony with God. But if you choose not to have knowledge, then human survival instincts demand, for safety and out of fear of the unknown, that you take a negative view of humans different than ourselves; this lack of knowledge, when it comes with fear, will become an inability for that human to exercise their free will; the actual reality of creation becomes a threat for that person trapped by fear; the key to to be released from this form of imprisonment by fear is a knowledge of the very nature of the God who created all things; it is the very nature of enlightenment, which becomes the entrance portal to the white path of human passage during life and after

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Nothing like, starting the drums early, to get your day moving.

Human change is always necessary on earth, for the earth changes and humans must change for human survival. When people decided to leave Eden, they left the grace of God but not the love of God; by choosing the path of self-determination, they were expelled to the world outside of Eden,where there were animals in the world which would use humans for food-- there were even humans that would use humans for food and humans that would attack humans for territory to gain a richer food territory in which to harvest more animals for food and clothing. These expelled humans were confronted with the problem of how to survive and remain human, with inherit knowledge of their soul and its creator. At first, adults could or could not choose to protect and defend themselves from other humans, depending upon their knowledge and skill in preparation and self-defense of their own lives and that of their family. Some chose to be only animals and perished, while others used their free will to learn how to protect themselves in these early days of people. But human children, unlike the young of other lifeforms, are helpless or near helpless for many years. The one loving God created all things with design and function; Yo hee wah so brilliantly created humans that only a minimal amount of divine genius and wisdom, an amount so small that we cannot describe it, can even be imagined by us. For the divine wisdom of Yo hee wah created the children of human beings to have the ability to become colors different than they had been in times before. Their world was always changing, and where humans were living had changed, as they were no longer in Eden. And by the miracle of creation, their colors changed and they had the ability to survive in numbers sufficient to guarantee people a place as God intended. God was wise and loving when he created the dark child of the jungle and of the tall forests in all the ways that a child would need to be. In order to survive, to be very dark or black is correct, for that is the very color of the shadow that exists within the jungle and the tall forest. And black, that color from the goodness of God, has always been the protective shield that was needed by a child left alone, with only his first teachings to stay here in the dark and await the parents return, even when the parents were close but barely out of their sight, hidden by vegetation. Both parents were needed, as well as other adults, in the gathering of food for survival, which was absolutely critical, and the child who, over the generations, was blessed to became very dark or black to match their surroundings with its dark hiding places lived longer than the child who was of a different color from their surroundings and therefore could be more easily seen by enemies and predators. Thus, it has always been and will always be the same wisdom of God in the design of the color for all the children of God on earth. Those children who immigrated to the snow country (or the snow came to them) were also changed in color over time, yet rapidly enough so as not to become extinct. Those children which became closer in color to the white snow would live long enough to procreate. And so it was true with all of God's children then as it is now. It can also be said that this is true of that child born in the land of the sand; the color of the child would change to match the color of the sand. That child would not stand out and be visible in the lands of the deserts, whereas it is also true that the child born of a black or white color would, of course, be more easily visible by an enemy or predator

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The principle person who has been chosen to seek out all things true can see that which is right in front of our eyes and understand that this is just one of the uncountable gifts from the wisdom and genius of the Creator. This is a gift of survival for all the children of people, this ability to change human coloration and become in harmony with the changes of the earth. For the wisdom and genius of God's design is not that it is the adults who determine the color of the children. No, it is the children who determine the color of the adults; this is truly a loving act of God that protects the next generation to come, with each generation of children on the earth automatically protected from the eternal harm of extinction. All children are and were from the first creation defenseless; this gift of God's wisdom started then and will continue forever, as this is the design by the One God of Creation, Yo hee wah. The continuation of life depended upon the ability of one generation to pass down to another generation this gift of coloration which was, is, and will be connected to the survival of humans. For the enemies or the predators of the future, which even though unknown to us now, may be such that people's survival may depend upon our ability to change into the best color for the best chance of future survival. It was absolutely so in the beginning, and is may still be somewhat so now.

So for Nephi, "The divider of God's children", to find offense in the coloration of humans that were created by Yo hee wah, the God of Creation, the God of all of creation, is not an evil act-- it is simply human ignorance, with which we are born, and it often leads the human mind to apathy, with which we are not born but develops whenever our brain does not have incoming knowledge. La'n chose to respect the obvious presence of God's designs which are openly manifested before all humans, starting and ending with each day's sunrise and sunset: that Yo hee wah the One Creator of all things made humans different. La'n saw this demonstrated in the indigenous Native Americans, as the children were not readily visible when he returned to their camp from hunting with them; La'n plainly saw that God had given these children the ability from birth to blend in with the vegetation, shadows, and tree trunks that came closest to their color. For La'n, it was not only an act of personal courage to go against his father and brother, it was a righteous act, as La'n was choosing to be in harmony with God's wisdom. His tribal family was at first embracing the practice of human judgment of other persons based on differences, without the knowledge that the color of other humans is obviously a design decision from the goodness of God's wisdom. But this was obvious to La'n. His ancestors had chosen free will over being kept in the Garden of Eden, within the grace of God, and, as they had then instructed, they learned to use their heart, soul, and minds with this ultimate gift of free will, which is the root of the tree of all freedoms. For La'n had learned that humans were made in the image of God, which is the will of God, and such will can be perceived by humans. It is the design of God and always manifests a betterment for all humans.

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Priest Rogers, speaks with a man who had family stories about the Cherokee in Mexico he called us the good people, as we protected both parties, through negotiation and counsel.

As La'n reflected on whether to be in harmony with his family or to be in harmony with God, a state of clarity came upon his mind and he felt peace, and he chose that his thoughts and actions would reflect the wisdom of God's creation. La'n's soul had told him that these people of a different color were good and did love their children as the Hebrews loved their own children. So La'n called out to all those others who felt as he felt, that God was correct in creating humans of different colors and that this was a good thing and not a punishment or curse, because Lehman felt God had only been wonderful to these darker skin people. Then they whose minds were waking up, after being enlightened by La'n's speaking, felt that the presence of God's wisdom was in La'n's words. With this inspiration, the people in harmony with La'n began to speak out against Nephi, "The divider of God's children", and his other brothers and sought of La'n to lead them to live separately with the Native Americans. For La'n's people, this took courage, as they were in a new world and all of their strength and faith would be tested.

Had La'n not chosen to be in harmony with God, he would not have had the synergistic power which comes from righteousness. If La'n had been weak, he would have chosen to be like others, who he knew in his heart and mind were incorrect because they had no real evidence by God, only human evidence. La'n had seen with his own eyes the love and kindness in God's creation and he knew in his heart that God has nothing but love for the people who were darker than the people of La'n. Without awakening to this truth and knowledge about God, La'n's acts of goodness would have been weakened by his ignorance; there would also always have been a weakening in his faith, and he and followers would not have had the courage of their convictions and they would have given up their free will to those who they know are incorrect in thought and action, thereby committing self-enslavement of their soul and mind under Nephi, "The divider of God's children",'s authority. Without choosing to be free, without the strength of all humans of all different races working in unity, La'n and his followers would surely have perished in the Americas.

Faith and courage are always equal within each human of God's creation. For it was the very first humans who, outside of Eden, found themselves with a lack of knowledge about God; this lack produced the first negative human assumption, as a lack of knowledge about God in the human mind will always leave that mind to form assumptions and decisions from mostly human knowledge. And as humans only know what they know, this will always be a negative, destructive, or at least noncreative decision with results of an equal nature. Positive assumptions, those that are creative and therefore in harmony with creation and God's creativity, only come from people who have hope, which only comes from people who have faith, which only comes from people who have courage, which only comes from people who have the knowledge that that which is true, is true. As all things true come from God, God is the creator of all human hope to create goodness in the likeness of a kind and loving God. La'n did, of his own free will, chose to have faith in what he had experienced as he grew to know the Native Americans; that these were evident facts-- that God's creation of all the races is the manifestation of God's love for us all, and proof of this love is always directly in front of us and never hidden from us. Therefore, no gatekeeper need be paid in order for us to see our own property of legacy and inheritance. When we have the courage to admit that much of what we see in creation is beyond our ability to understand, we will become whole and less assumptive and judgmental of other's gifts from the creation of Yo hee wah.

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The Cherokee nation of Sequoya paraded through the colonial town of San Fernando, in Coahuila here you see two Delaware, doing a hunting dance, where they struck a rigid pose from time to time and acting the tracking and taking down of game.

La'n trusted, in this time of crisis, the heart, soul and mind of God and he said to his followers that the truth is that the darker people are fully human beings, just as us. And that the truth is good and we should believe it-- that for God to have made humans of another color live and exist within these new lands is good, because this is evidence that the spirit of God led us here; we know in our hearts that God loves us, and we remember that we were his people first chosen to receive his word, and we know by his actions he did not try to stop us. Just as we are not being punished, so they are not being punished by God. God has sent us guidance to bring us, with our faith and courage, to this new land to live with these good people of God's creation who see, as we see, that we are as they are, brothers and sisters to each other. We thank God for the power of free will, for we have chosen to see what is before us; our eyes are now opened to God and we are clearly seeing that which is true of God's creation. La'n said to his followers that his first belief, that all other humans were created inferior, came from being taught to him as a small child. He now knew that this untruth was from human origin and not Yo hee wah, the loving creator of all things. He now knew that he was wrong because he was ignorant about Yo hee wah. He was ignorant of the abundant evidence of love and kindness which permeates God's design in his creation of all things. For God has placed clearly before us the miracles of day and night in order for us to thrive. You must decide of your own free will to learn that which is true, regardless of what other humans may say or how they threaten you. For whatever true is true, and whatever is true is from God. All truth is perceivable by human beings as evidenced by the presence of its goodness in the results it produces, which is evidence of God's heart and soul. The complexity of creation is evidence of the wisdom of God, the designer and creator of all which lays before us, from the beginning, today, and in the future infinitely.

Those who choose not to evolve by accepting knowledge of God and his creation will make their minds the home of the second worst of all human assumptions, which is that we are always justified in hating those persons who hated us first. The return of hatred for those who hated us first may have been justified by the laws of man, but are not supported by evidence of God's love and kindness that is found in the wholesome design of creation. Yo hee wah has always allowed for human life to be continued, if so desired by humans; there will be adequate gifts of sustainment, unless those gifts are squandered or destroyed by human ignorance and apathy. The chief danger is that from time to time in the history of mankind, humans choose to impersonate and speak for God in order to control others and benefit themselves, always at a cost to others and to the speaker, as both become victims. This is the source of all wars, which begin when humans become divided. One person will, in order to protect their personal, self-created vengeful God, go to war using the lie that that is what God would like, and that he is on their side, and this impersonator of God's authority will lie and say to the people who are hesitant and undecided about whether to go to war that they will be destroyed because they did not do what God wished. Humans which claim to have the authority of God and the right to speak on God's behalf because God speaks directly to them always use the threat of annihilation because they do not please God, saying that war is God's choice for them. The people who do not believe in the history of God as written by the Pharisees (explaining and justifying the reasons they invented as to why God must be a vengeful and angry God and that the color of other children of God was a mark of disfavor by God, that this is evidence of being cursed by God, that this darker human color is a punishment of all generations of this person having been convicted by God, that their children are born without souls, that they are not deserving of earthly freedoms for they are the convicts of God's vengeful anger, for a lighter person to marry one would be to punish the offsprings, and all such untruths), do not believe that God loves humans born of light color more. They know that darker persons have not been judged by God but by humans, and these human judgments written as the word of God are lies which enslave us all.

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As the Cherokee people assemble, priest Rogers and tribal leaders, await and sense for a good start.

People like the people of Lehman, the principal people, the chosen people who disagree with these falsehoods in their heart, soul, and in the logical intelligence within their minds must use faith. They should not wish to have the papers written by the Pharisees and their minions, those who are the gatekeepers for human control and its resulting harvest of earthly riches. These persons who have only their faith also have the stars that shine, the water that runs, the sun that comes up and goes down, the moon that comes up and goes down, the wind that blows, the rains that come, the plants that grow, and the humans that work and multiply the spirit of Yo hee wah the God of love and kindness in responsible numbers, without the deprivation and starving of others. Such actions of faith bring the joy of being in harmony with God and earth's bounty, for the old bodies die, and the young are born, and with their first breath, their soul is in contact with not only the earth, but with the soul of the One God, Yo hee wah, as God's presence is with all living things. It is so with each person, and if a person chooses to know God, that person will begin to have courage, because he has begun to have real faith; not because his mind acts courageously, but because he has begun to have real knowledge. Free will has no boundaries. Human life can be taken by another human, often because of disagreements over the human interpretation of the word of God; but we know that to be wrong, as that would negate the most important teaching of all--that the actual purpose of the creation of all things by Yo hee wah is to inspire people to love thy neighbor as thyself, and to love the One God of Creation with all thy heart, soul, and mind.

La'n's epiphany resulted from having had the Great Spirit of God's soul speak to him; it foretold to La'n that Yo hee wah would send his actual love and its wisdom of teaching the white path of salvation, not only during human physical life, but, once chosen, after the soul has begun to return to its creator, bringing the greatest joy. This earthly presence of God would come as a sign-- a son in human form. Not as a purely human person, such as Pharisees and their minions, the gatekeepers who would claim to speak for God but without the intent of producing corresponding acts of goodness in word and deeds. La'n sensed from his soul that God would not forget what he shared with La'n: that he was to send to the earth a teacher for all of people, so that they might all choose to learn how not to hate back, and break the endless human cycle of destruction, which is the clearest manifestation that we are ignorant of God. La'n, with his faith and the power of the gift of free will, thought it was best to separate his enlightened tribe from the ancient prejudices of the tribe of Nephi, "The divider of God's children",. This is a human reaction which allows people to become separated from one another; it allows for a void to appear--a void that is usually filled by the warmth of daily human interaction-- and to become filled with apathy, ignited by the rejection felt by those who were left. This is a fertile ground for human hatred to grow. Thus, the failure of the well-intentioned leadership of both tribes was inevitable, as neither side allowed themselves to be kind to the other. Righteousness can only result in goodness when it is possessed by a person who rejects hatred and feels the love for his neighbor as himself and has chosen to love the Great Spirit Yo hee wah with all of his heart soul and mind.

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Beautiful young ladies and beautiful children princesses from every part of North America, this is important for they too, own, the same property as their parents

To be in harmony with God is manifested by our peaceful and creative actions, as it is by God's peaceful and creative actions that we will see the results promised to all of mankind. Teaching others by example results in increasement of peace on earth among mankind, which re-creates in others the harmony of that great teacher of people who was called by the ancient principle people the Shilu hah (the peace of God), who taught people through the Great Spirit of God and who speaks to the souls of all humans if they are listening to the Revelation of the Great Spirit, whether heard by all of people or just by one human. One human does matter, as the more in harmony a person is with the Great Spirit of Yo hee wah, the more powerful that human's thought will be in beneficial results and will energize others to choose to be upon the white path of peace and goodness. One person can noticeably or substantially elevate and energize the collective harmony of people. It is this teaching of love and peace which was induced by the Great Spirit of God in La'n and had been promised by Yo hee wah-- that all things good have been made available to all of people through the gift of free will if they choose to become a principal person and truly live a just life of goodness. This was foretold to the lost tribes who spoke Hebrew by their prophets who perceived, as did Lehman, from the Great Spirit what was to come--brought and taught as a gift for all humans by Shiloh, the Shi lu hah, (the peace of God), the Shi luh waah (The Christ, the Way of God), and the Morning Star of Hope. All of these titles are the same and are but some of the 100 plus known names for the coming Christ Jesus before he was born to Mary.

Yo hee wah is the oldest known name of the God of Creation; it dates back to and was used from the beginning of God first contacting man. In approximately 300 BC, about 300 to 400 years after the lost Hebrew tribe had left Israel and Judea, the name YO HE WAAH was modified by adding vowels and disguising it so that the foreign occupiers of Israel and Judea could not learn the actual name of God as told to the chosen people directly by Yo hee wah. The Ancient Cherokee Church has manuscripts that exist in various famous libraries in the Americas which have hundreds of pages of handwritten, first person testimonials as to what English-speaking and writing colonists said that the Cherokee people were practicing as a religion. The similarities are numerous, such as having no other than the one God of Creation, the prohibition of eating pork, the 10 Commandments, the stories of the first five chapters of the Bible (often called the Hebrew Bible), the three cities of refuge, the hygienic practices of the chosen people, and well over 100 words in common practice by hundreds of people--Hebrew words which have the same usage and meaning, with the same pronunciation or sound.

The following Scriptures were taken from the four different English documenters of the principal people, speaking both Cherokee and Hebrew in the immediate presence of the chronological sequence of English writers, from 1692 to1825. These historians had never met one another before or after their witnessing, yet each lived with the Cherokee and personally did witness the priest of the ancient Cherokee church of one God, who would teach the Cherokees the following: that we were not and are not in Eden and we should choose to become responsible persons, as that pleases God. If we are blessed with physical life, it means that we have the God-given ability to change anything and everything, especially that which has been negatively done by humans, not only for our betterment, but for the betterment of all other life that exist. To change for the sake of betterment is to mirror in attitude and mind Yo hee wah, which pleases God; this is evidenced by the gift of works from God's creation which so favors mankind when we take responsibility, by working to create goodness not only for our children, but for all children. We are with God when we create goodness for our families and the families of others. For the actions which we, the family of people, receives from others are based upon the nature of the actions we give out to others; this is a law of the earth, not the law of Eden, for we are outside of Eden.

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Cherokee children never forget what you have done for them.

The ancient Cherokees did not believe in the missionaries' story that were written by and came from the early Pharisees. They knew that the Pharisees had lied to the ancient people, telling them that they were cursed and damned by God for refusing to go to the church of the Pharisees. In so doing, the Pharisees could put pressure on the people to pay their money to them. All people have the ability to respond to the love of God; they must be taught the proper way to respond so that they are in harmony with their God Yo hee wah, which will allow them to grow and prosper as the children of God. The Pharisees did not like the lack of money produced from teaching of God's love, so they created a ridiculous human story of an angry God who is vengeful and war-loving, one that would frighten and victimize the uneducated person, as we are always afraid of that which we do not know. They portrayed God as intolerant of immature, irresponsible people, and said that God would destroy his creations if he was displeased. You could not refuse to attend the church of the Pharisees or refuse to pay money to a human gatekeeper to be with God in a special way that charged admission, even though the church's structure and principles were not being taught as they had been taught to the first chosen people. There could be no lack of payment of money or any disagreement with their pronounced sacred judgment of God, a word that they claimed came from God, but only through themselves to those who would pay. Those that would not pay were threatened with being punished, not only during their lifetime with physical torture and sometimes even death, but they were also threatened after their physical death that their soul would not be allowed to go to their Creator, because money was owed to God. Should you then die, you would burn in hell, for you had been excommunicated from the one path to God. These are merely ideas of humans who are without free will themselves; they have become slaves to their ignorance and its fallacy of assumptions that they would gladly kill or be killed over. For these humans have chosen not to see the beauty and wonderment of the creation of the universe, the stars, the earth, and that our path in life is for the betterment of all humans out of gratitude to the One God Yo hee wah for making us a part of that image that is the love of the God, Yo hee wah. God's love is not any part of that biggest of human lies--that God is vengeful or would harm somebody at all, much less to the point of eternal damnation in a fiery pit, for the crime of human ignorance. There is no evidence, not a molecule, in creation that supports an angry vengeful God; however, there is unlimited evidence in human history of angry vengeful atrocities. That should indicate to a principal person that this false, vengeful, cruel God is a human fabrication, for that would mean that God was made in the image of man. It would mean that God also suffers from human ignorance and apathy.

In the 1700's, the early Cherokees told the missionaries of the European churches, "I am not afraid of your threats, for I know that God loves me. What I want to know is, if you have any knowledge of what God wishes me to be and do, please tell me, for I was not born knowing what God wants me to do, and that is what I am afraid of, as I wish to please God. Do not make the threats you would make to somebody who is a child, naturally being born without all the knowledge necessary for living on earth. Don't think that I do not know the beauty and love that God has bestowed upon us all. It is offensive to us, as we know that God is with us always and cares for us greatly. You do not have to come here threatening us with hell, and harm to ourselves and our families, for I have seen and heard of the wondrous gifts of creation from God to all of people, and never have I ever sensed God as having anything but love for us. But you say that your human words are from God and are true, and you say that God will punish us for being born as all children are born--ignorant of adult responsibility and choices. If it is true as you say that you have had this book (the Bible) for hundreds of years, why do you still act so bad? You do not describe the same God as our teachings which are before the time when the Son of God descended as the Christ Jesus and brought Waah, the teachings of the love and peace of God's grace, to people on earth and and the blessings that we were to receive the word directly from Yo hee wah, the God of Creation more than 2,300 years ago. Our teaching is old, even older than many parts of your book, as it is the first word to people by God; our word came from God to the ears of our priest, and our priests said it to our people and from the priest families came the new priest, who said it to our people and it continued until we were confronted with people who do not see all people as being the creations of God. And so we have chosen to leave and go back to that place where we first met and married with the lost tribe of Israel and their leader, La'n the Shepherd of God. For we are the chal la gee, the people of the Valley of the Mountains of the Moon and we are with the Shepherd of God. We know that in order to survive, we must worship in the church in the cavity of the rock, in the high mountains. We have chosen to become what we were born and intended by our creator to be--the principal people, the ani u we yah, which is the same as the chosen people. For we were told by Yo hee wah that after Eden, there is no predestined state of grace for humans. It is the will of God that we have complete free will to do that which is good or that which is bad, and we will have earthly consequences for the choices that we make, but we must do our best to show as example what good deeds can bring when done for the love of God, in order to give thanks for the goodness of God's creation of the earth and heavens. We give gratitude, for God has loved us from the beginning of creation without asking anything in return; this knowledge creates faith and courage within the principal person, so that nothing can separate us from our God. In reality, not even death can threat our bond; for our earthly body,it is automatically ashes to ashes and dust to dust, but truly, in spite of the greed of those gatekeepers and agent Pharisees who are present in every generation, who seek to control our lives and harvest our money by telling us that our soul does not go back to the spirit of God unless something is paid of value, or something is sacrificed.

(Photo - Left)
When Cherokees of every age, are mixed together a joy is made, that is indescribable, to be among the people.

The principal person will tell the Pharisees and the gatekeepers that their threats would be ridiculous if they did not cause such harm to those persons who become afraid because they lack the knowledge of who their God of creation, Yo hee wah, is and what this loving God has done for us since the beginning of creation. The principal person will think in his heart, "Have I merited that God would want my soul to come back within the presence of the Great Spirit?" Our soul is a gift from the Spirit of God called Yo, which had no beginning and has no end, for it is with God. If a human did not have a soul, we would not be able to perceive God's love; we would not be able to see, sense, understand, or be able to return God's love, and we would not be able to mature as God hopes for us, as expressed in his teachings. As a human being, our soul shares with God's Spirit a love for all living things, and our soul is naturally respectful and caring (unless we have been taught otherwise by mistreatment by others) of God's creations and of God's earth as a home for people. It was God's will that all human beings have souls and therefore have the ability to understand God's love. There is no rational basis for humans being made to do horrible things, against their will, which would mean that they have no free will, which would also mean that they have no soul; this would be the true stamp of human thought being made from only human fabrication, without the inspiration of Yo hee wah the One God of love. This victimization of humans by humans can only occur if the victim has no true knowledge of the kind and loving God that created them. Humans have been at the beck and call of human greed which uses names to scare the victims of their false declarations of God's motive and intentions; this fear can only grow in that void of the human mind where love should have been cultivated and grown; instead, the victim,out of fear, chose to believe the lies. Yet that victim have by not having chosen to understand that God truly loves them without condition and gives to them the heavens and the earth and causes all things necessary to sustain that earth for all people, including that person who is lost. God makes the sun come up for them, the moon comes out for them, the rain falls for them, the wind blows for them, and their brothers and sisters of the family of people will receive them and love them, and when they receive love back, they will, like the sun and the moon, continue every day of their life in existence not only on earth but in heaven. The victim, because they have chosen to be ignorant of God's goodness, is defenseless against the destructiveness of human control and greed. The most harm that can be done to a human being is the wasting of their time on earth, as having been born with an immature mind which was captured by false testaments, guarded, and imprisoned by false human threats of a vengeful, mean God; such victim is but a beast of burden. Without kindness, this victim is not fed anything which enhances life, or enlightens that person to see that they and only they have the power to have free will. Until they exercise their free will, they will not have free will, for no one else can grant you free will. For even Yo hee wah will not disrupt nor engage your free will for yourself, as that choice taken by yourself is the only path to be within the teachings of the One God of Creation. Free will is from the mind of Yo hee wah and victims may at any time simply escape the lies that have shackled them by first choosing to have knowledge of Yo hee wah, the God of creation, and to open their eyes and ears and begin to study God's works of creation, which are all around and lay before them; it is the blue of the sky, the white of the clouds, the twinkling of the stars, the blackness of the night, the setting of the sun, the rising of the moon, the setting of the moon, the rising of the sun; it is the presence of a God of love and kindness which made such a world for us. God is all around us always, as has been and always will be, a world without end. The victims of the seeding of a mean and vengeful God have only their soul with which to escape this captivity, as it is their only refuge that is beyond the control of any human being. That victim has lost themselves to other humans controlling them or they are under the control of destructive earthly forces, such as drugs or alcohol; in order for this victim to have the power and focus to take control of their own mind, they must first connect with the soul of the Great Spirit of God by seeing, feeling, and sensing that which is beautiful and true in the creation in which we live. This is the path of light and it will take them towards God. When we are born, the human mind is absent of the conscious knowledge of God. When victimization by false doctrine has been indoctrinated in a person's mind, it is usually for the motives of greed or control; the mind formed from this abuse is not the mind of a free person. It is this victim who at first refuses to acknowledge the works of God that are in front of their very eyes, and only when they truly understand the magnificence of God's creation will they no longer be victims. Such wonders and gifts to people are not exclusive, as they are also gifts for all living things, all being from the Great Spirit, Yo hee wah, the God who created all things for the Cherokees, the principal people, and all other people.

The Ancient Cherokee Church of the One God Yo hee wah has evidence of a Hebrew religion being taught to the Cherokee in the ancient time of 2,600 BC; this evidence was gathered from five authors, who wrote about the religion of the Cherokees, and its Hebrew language. We have copies of these manuscripts which cover approximately 100 years to 125 years--the time span from 1682 to 1825--all witnessing the Cherokee. A minimal amount of some of this time was spent with the Choctaw and many, many other Native American tribes which have Hebrew words in their vocabularies. These priceless manuscripts have many hundreds of pages that witness by description in detail the practice by many thousands of Cherokees of worshiping in the Hebrew language and within a Hebrew church structure, utilizing a succession of priest descendents from the priest families. Yo hee wah instructed this to his first chosen priest, (who the Cherokees call Wasi) in his first teachings of the chosen/principle people-- that there would always be priests available for them. The priest of the ancient Cherokee church of one God cannot take money, nor any other thing of earthly value, for performing religious ceremonies. To do so would mean that that priest is no longer working for the Great Spirit Yo hee wah, nor do they serve out of their chosen gratitude for Yo hee wah. In fact, such a priest would have two masters, and in time that will be shown to be a mistake; the early Christian church fathers also warned against hirelings and foretold that it would eventually destroy their church. For hirelings are the seedlings from which Pharisees grow.

(Photo - Right)
Can you imagine, the sense of history, of going to water, and praying at the very hot spring were Sequoya did the same.

This is a brief summary about the knowledge we possess and the beliefs we hold; there is no monetary cost in joining the Ancient Cherokee Church of One God; there is the cost of human effort required of the human trying to righteously, to live as a principal person. This is when you commit yourself to love God with all your heart, soul, and mind, which means you must use your mind's intellect as well. As a result of that being so, the Great Spirit of Yo hee wah, the one God of Creation, will be pleased in knowing of a life spent in the helping of not only yourself, but your family and friends, and to help strangers when and if possible, as that is the manifestation of all things good that was taught by Yo hee wah, the Great Spirit, who asked for nothing in return. It is the Cherokees who pray in gratitude for the love of God that has produced a continuous life for people, and for all that we have received. The Cherokee who praises God for production of material wealth is but a child in the eyes of the Great Spirit Yo hee wah; that child is not to be punished or scolded by Yo hee wah, for the God of creation is a kind and loving God who would not punish a child for being a child, without adult wisdom, regardless of their age. However, that person who blindly seeks easy solutions to their problems and who acts, not out of gratitude for the miracles of creation's gifts that they have have already been given, but out of greed for more, will not please God. Sometimes in life, a person becomes a sad person because they do not have enough knowledge of the human powers they have been given, and that they will possess forever

It is our adult responsibility, once we are on the path to being a knowledgeable person, with the knowledge of all of our gifts of God's creation, to exhibit our appreciation and our love for our creation to the Great Spirit of Yo hee wah, the God of all creation. If we do not, that is a lack of courage that can only come from a lack of faith. We should choose to take care of these gifts because we were given dominion over the earth, in a manner reflective of God's wisdom, because we were made in God's image; the earth was by divine design planned as a home to fulfill our destiny; however, with the advent of humans choosing free will, the existence of the earth lay in the hands of people. It is for us to choose whether or not we take care of the gifts we have received.

For humans not to care is ignorant but not evil, as evil truly does not exist outside of the human some God-given natural instincts, and, left uneducated, all humans will in time naturally become apathetic, which unto itself can cause the horrendous damage that always physically mirrors the man made stories--those imagined, traditional, superstitious, manipulative, for-profit stories of evil as having free will or an independent power. That is not within the laws or the protection and grace of the one God of creation, and these stories are a threat to the ignorant who have not enough knowledge of God to protect themselves. Many will tell you that unless you have a professional human gatekeeper, employed to represent you and your family to God, that you will burn in hell. Only a person who truly understands the merest fraction of God's love and wisdom knows with certainty that nothing supernatural can be found on the earth or in the heavens that was sent to be evil. Evil exists only in the actions and irrational thoughts born of a mind ignorant of the knowledge of Yo hee wah, the Great Spirit.

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Cherokees often in non-ceremonial functions wear cowboy hats, usually after they join the Cherokee nation of Sequoyah they learn of the turbines that were worn for millennia before, the Spanish hat arrived, here in the Americas

Those humans who have chosen not to have the knowledge of the love of God all around us, even though God has been loving them from the time of the second day of creation, when the first humans were created by direction of Yo hee wah, who commanded the heavens and the earth to make such humans. This is a time before Yo hee wah made Adam and Eve (in the most ancient language, they were called Geb and Nuet). Both male and female were contained within this one creation of God and called Adadam; this was before he physically divided them into two persons. God made them two, in order to provide company one for the other, and to bring life to the earth, to breathe the air of the earth. This is the evidence that God is the only source of divine inspiration, for no human emotionality can replace the pure love which powers divine inspiration which, when we listen, speaks directly to our soul.

We are witnessing the very same daily movements of the moon, sun, earth and heavens as all those humans who came before us witnessed. Some of them gave witness to these miracles and were amazed and expressed gratitude for the goodness and some passed their stories down by telling their generations through time, always motivated by the love of one for another, so that we would not and will not perish from the earth, whether from war, famine, disease, or the destructive beliefs in the minds of immature people, unknowledgeable of God's greatness. The darkest times of the history of mankind, with its horrendously damaging human acts of ignorance and deeds of destruction followed or proceeded by an apathetic part of human civilization taking no responsibility for such an affront of unprincipled behavior, have been the evidence that un-caring humans of this world are without any knowledge of the one loving God, Yo hee wah, the God of Creation.

The principal person must acknowledge the wonders of God's creation as coming from a source that people will never completely understand, for human beings have two choices: they may declare that everything came from nothing, or declare that everything has always been. To declare that everything came from nothing is to declare that magic exists, and to declare that everything has always been is to understand that the source for reality is evidenced in the existence of God's creation that is right before us. To say that creation came from nothing is the very authority that allows for humans to war against other humans, as each side must see the other side as not being actual creations of the One God Yo hee wah, or not the creations of their God, or are of no God, as that is the justification for the taking of any human life. One must believe that their enemies did not come from anything and have not the same souls as themselves; this is the way that humans profit from war and crime; greed will always be the motive. Until humans decide to become the principal people of Yo hee wah, there will still be those who believe in magic, and magic really doesn't exist except in a dream state in the minds of humans. That which the Pharisees call evil is only greed, and has always existed; it is a legacy handed down by apathetic humans to those who would become apathetic themselves and so forth and so on. Until we choose to take responsible dominion and actual possession of our gifts from God's creation and use our free will to declare the concept of evil and hell to be of human origin, manufactured by the Pharisees, the gatekeepers of yesterday, and their descendents, the gatekeepers of today, and who keep from people the knowledge of God being love and kindness for all of humanity, we too will remain apathetic. To hate the gatekeepers is to give the gatekeepers power over your life; to understand and expose the gatekeepers secret that they have no power to protect anyone from anything that is real, is to take power over your own beliefs.

(Photo - Right)Priest Rogers shows the ambassadors, the antique official Mexican recognition, of the Cherokees, from the Mexican archives.

The concept of evil is an early human creation, coming out of the first fears of predators in the dark to fears of those who were dressed as predators to scare people out of their possessions. This fear was quickly used by the gatekeepers. When people started to evolve, they began to question the effectiveness of whatever fearful object that the gatekeepers were utilizing to frighten, control, and profit from those who work at gathering food. This became, in time, an unsuccessful method for the collection of valuable goods; the self- proclaimed gatekeeper then invented something more frightening than a vicious predator; thus they called on a vengeful, mean God. They did not call him Yo hee wah, for they originally did not have any knowledge about the one true God, as God did not allow any Pharisees to hear directly this first teachings to the principal chosen people. The gatekeepers then invented fictional demons that were all-powerful, from whom there was no escape; the people were told that these fictional demons had created humans and because they had created man they could do what they wanted with man. A false, vengeful, fickle, God was structured as the master of mankind, because without fear, humans will not pay the gatekeeper for protection. Finally, the Pharisees would seek out and try to take over the chosen people and would teach that God, Yo hee wah, would do something to harm them or their families for their misbehavior of not contributing money or granting power over their lives and free will. For in most the literature of the Pharisees, they would use these, their own fears, of how God might judge them for their own misdeeds and actions. The Pharisees revealed their worst fears that they had about their own behavior, because they had no real knowledge of God, and frightened the people who were vulnerable. Such scary stories, where God punishes people without mercy, always carry the message that you must fear God; this is the biggest human lie in the history of mankind.

Our free will is allowed to exist by Yo hee wah because we chose not to be in Eden; thus it is our responsibility to choose that which is true over that which is false. We must work to become closer to the knowledge of the God that created us, as it was we who chose to walk out of Eden where we had everything we could wish for except human freedom. We left with only one thing, the innate human instinct within all humans that they are part of the heart, soul and mind of God. The gift which comes with the burden of earthly responsibility is the gift of the human free will. We have been given the ultimate gift of the power and authority to be our own gatekeeper. We are no longer living in an involuntary animal state, as had those who came before Adam and Eve, the children of the earth and the heavens, which occurred on the second day of creation. We must allow ourselves to be guided through the Great Spirit and the inspiration of love from Yo hee wah, the One God who created all things to accept the resposibility to protect and to preserve all good things of earth given to all of people. As a principal people, you should choose to be guided by the inspiration and divine wisdom. The principal person will, in time, choose to have loyalty and vigilance in the fulfillment of our gift of dominion over all things given to us by the Great Spirit Yo hee wah, the One God of creation, the God of love, who created us all.

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